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Southern Pines Eyed for Economic Development Project

The Southern Pines Town Council met in closed session on Tuesday evening to consider a proposed economic development project.

Town Manager Reagan Parsons told The Pilot discussions are very preliminary and “any plans are only conceptual in nature at this time.”

“This was simply an opportunity to inform Council of the possibility that a more formal proposal could be developed in the coming months and determine whether or not there existed an interest in continued study of any possibilities.” In other action during Tuesday’s regular business meeting, the Southern Pines Town Council: Held a public hearing to consider a request to vacate an undeveloped section of right-of-way that bisects the former Southern Pines Primary School campus. The 80-foot right-of-way is in the vicinity of West Massachusetts Avenue and South Glover Street bounded by West Indiana Avenue, West New York Avenue and South Carlisle Street. Parsons noted the only improvement on the right-of-way is a small section of the town’s sewer line that serves the school.

Approved a request from residents of the Talamore community to reduce the speed limit on Talamore Drive and Highland View Drive from 35 to 25 MPH. More than 75 percent of residents had signed a petition requesting the speed reduction.

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