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Moore Alive


Welcome to Moore County, North Carolina, home to U.S. Open Championships and major equestrian events. It’s home to masters of pottery and innovators in business. It’s home to outdoorsman, artists, writers and people who think for themselves and pursue their dreams. Sound good? It’s also home to friendly people, and there is plenty of room for you!

Last year, Moore County Partners in Progress, the 501(c)(3) economic development organization serving all of Moore County, North Carolina, spearheaded the Moore Alive marketing and talent recruitment initiative to promote the local assets, amenities and exceptional lifestyle in Moore County and its collective communities. Moore County, a rural micropolitan with a population of 90,000, is already known as the “Home of American Golf” and as a popular retirement destination, but Moore Alive wants people to know that Moore County is a lot more than a great place to retire or play golf.

There are lotsof opportunities for people of all ages to succeed in Moore County. The foundation of the Moore Alive campaign is the Moore Alive website, so please visit us at


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